Call Number (LC) Title Results
AC1 .G7 v.43 American state papers. [Declaration of independence, Articles of confederation and the Constitution] The Federalist, 1
AC1 .G7 v.44 Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. 1
AC1 .G7 v.45 Elements of chemistry, 1
AC1 .G7 v.46 The philosophy of right. 1
AC1 .G7 v.47 Faust. 1
AC1 .G7 v.48 Moby Dick; or, The Whale. 1
AC1 .G7 v.49 The origin of species by means of natural selection. The descent of man and selection in relation to sex. 1
AC1 .G7 v.50 Capital, 1
AC1 .G7 v.51 War and peace. 1
AC1 .G7 v.52 The brothers Karamazov. 1
AC1 .G7 v.53 The principles of psychology. 1
AC1 .G7 v.54 Major works. 1
AC1 +G78f Family participation plan for reading and discussing the Great books of the Western World : a program of enjoyment and enlightenment ... / 1
AC1 .G78 v. 1 A general introduction to the great books and to a liberal education, 1
AC1 .G78 v. 2 The development of political theory and government, 1
AC1 .G78 v. 3 Foundations of science and mathematics, 1
AC1 .G78 v. 4 Religion and theology, 1
AC1 .G78 v. 5 Philosophy of law and jurisprudence, 1
AC1 .G78 v. 6-7 Imaginative literature, 1
AC1 .G78 v. 8 Ethics, the study of moral values, 1