Call Number (LC) Title Results
B1199.N38 B75 1989 Francis Bacon and the rhetoric of nature / 1
B1199.P76 F38 1993 Francis Bacon and the project of progress / 1
B1199.S3 H7 Lord Bacon vs. scholastic philosophy / 1
B1199.S7 C9 1950 Roger Bacon, the problem of the soul in his philosophical commentaries. 1
B1199.S8 W58 Peace among the willows. The political philosophy of Francis Bacon. 1
B1201.B434 A57 2000eb The philosophy of Robert Boyle / 1
B1201.B44 W64 1997 Robert Boyle and the limits of reason / 1
B1201.B88 N27 The strategy of truth; a study of Sir Thomas Browne. 1
B1201.C553 P7416 1996 The principles of the most ancient and modern philosophy / 1
B1201.C5534 ǂb W45 2008eb Legacy of Anne Conway (1631-1679) : Reverberations from a Mystical Naturalism. 1
B1201.C63 T78 1978 The true intellectual system of the universe, 1678 / 1
B1201.C64 P3 Ralph Cudworth ; an interpretation. 1
B1201.C83 D423 2005eb A treatise of the laws of nature / 1
B1201.D44 The philosophy of Kenelm Digby (1603-1665) / 1
B 1201 G54v 1970 The vanity of dogmatizing: the three versions; 1
B1203 1839 The English works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, 1
B1203 1839a Thomæ Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera philosophica quæ latine scripsit omnia, in unum corpus nunc primum collecta studio et labore Gulielmi Molesworth. 1
B1205 1898 The ethics of Hobbes, as contained in selections from his works; 1
B1205 1913 The metaphysical system of Hobbes : in twelve chapters from Elements of philosophy concerning body, together with briefer extracts from Human nature and Leviathan; 1
B1205 1930 Selections / 1