Call Number (LC) Title Results
B753.G34 T74 2012 Inspired Knowledge in Islamic Thought : Al-Ghazali's Theory of Mystical Cognition and Its Avicennian Foundation. 1
B753.G34 W5413 2010eb Al-Ghazali, Averroës and the interpretation of the Qur'an : common sense and philosophy in Islam / 1
B753.G4 A56 2001 Imam Abu Hamid Ghazali : an exponent of Islam in its totality : a lecture / 1
B753.G4 C3 1974 Gazali, A. H. 450-505/A. D. 1058-1111, Algazel : ʹetude sur la vie et l'oeuvre mystique, philosophique, et thʹeologique d'Abou Hamid Mohammed al-Gazali, de Tous / 1
B753.G4 I33 The book of knowledge : being a translation with notes of the Kitab al'ilm of al-Ghazzali's Ihya' 'ulum al-din / 1
B753.G4 I43 1968 Some moral and religious teachings of al-Ghazzālī 1
B753.G4 K45 The alchemy of happiness, 1
B753.G4 M67 Mishkat al-anwar (The niche for lights) 1
B753.G4 M83 The faith and practice of al-Ghazālī, 1
B753.G4 M83 1963 The faith and practice of al-Ghazālī / 1
B753.G4 M9 1933 Algazel's Methaphysics; a medieval translation, 1
B753.G4 S54 Ghazali's unique unknowable God; a philosophical critical analysis of some of the problems raised by Ghazali's view of God as utterly unique and unknowable. 1
B753.G4 S55 Ghazali's theory of virtue. 1
B753.G4 T3313 1997 The incoherence of the philosophers = Tahāfut al-falāsifah: a parallel English-Arabic text / 1
B753.G4 U35 The ethical philosophy of al-Ghazzali. 1
B753.G4 W3 1963 Muslim intellectual; a study of al-Ghazali. 1
B753.I2 A25 The mystical philosophy of Muhyid Din-Ibnul Arabi / 1
B753.I2 H57 1999 The unlimited mercifier : the spiritual life and thought of Ibn ʻArabī / 1
B753.I2H57 1999 The Unlimited Mercifier : the Spiritual Life and Thought of Ibn 'Arabi. 1
B753.I24 A46 2004eb Sufism and deconstruction : a comparative study of Derrida and Ibn ʻArabi / 1