Call Number (LC) Title Results
B753.G4 T3313 1997 The incoherence of the philosophers = Tahāfut al-falāsifah: a parallel English-Arabic text / 1
B753.G4 U35 The ethical philosophy of al-Ghazzali. 1
B753.G4 W3 1963 Muslim intellectual; a study of al-Ghazali. 1
B753.I2 A25 The mystical philosophy of Muhyid Din-Ibnul Arabi / 1
B753.I2 H57 1999 The unlimited mercifier : the spiritual life and thought of Ibn ʻArabī / 1
B753.I2H57 1999 The Unlimited Mercifier : the Spiritual Life and Thought of Ibn 'Arabi. 1
B753.I24 A46 2004eb Sufism and deconstruction : a comparative study of Derrida and Ibn ʻArabi / 1
B753.I24B37 2004 Ibn Al-'Arabi's Barzakh : the Concept of the Limit and Relationship Between God and the World. 1
B753.I24 C58 2002eb Ibn 'Arabi and modern thought : the history of taking metaphysics seriously / 1
B753.I24 C63 Creative imagination in the Ṣūfism of Ibn ʻArabī. 1
B753.I24 L57 2018 Rethinking Ibn 'Arabi / 1
B753.I24 Y87 2008eb Ibn ʻArabī - time and cosmology / 1
B753.I2684 B66 2013eb 'Abd al-Laṭif al-Bagdadi's philosophical journey : from Aristotle's Metaphysics to the 'Metaphysical Science' / 1
B753.I54B46 2010 Reading? ayy Ibn-Yaq? an : a Cross-Cultural History of Autodidacticism. 1
B753.K53 F3513 1974 al-Kindī's Metaphysics; 1
B753.K53 R534 L'intellect selon Kindī. 1
B753.K54 A53 2007eb Al-Kindī / 1
B753.K54 A87 Al-Kindi, the philosopher of the Arabs 1
B753.K54 R43 Al-Kindī; an annotated bibliography. 1
B753.M8 H54353 2003 Revelation, intellectual intuition and reason in the philosophy of Mulla Sadra : an analysis of the al-Hikmah al-'arshiyyah / 1