Call Number (LC) Title Results
B820 .E83 Our language and our world; selections from Etc.: a review of general semantics, 1953-1958. 1
B820 .E84 1962 The use and misuse of language; selections from Etc.: a review of general semantics. 1
B820 .G67 1962 General semantics and contemporary Thomism. 1
B820 .G8 1972 La sémantique. 1
B820 .H4 1963 Symbol, status, and personality. 1
B820 .P58 1984 The foundations of philosophical semantics / 1
B820 .W42 1959 Levels of knowing and existence; studies in general semantics. 1
B820.3 To the best of our knowledge : social expectations and epistemic normativity /
Epistemic entitlement /
Epistemic norms : new essays on action, belief, and assertion /
Knowledge and presuppositions /
B820.3 .E655 2016eb Epistemic reasons, norms and goals / 1
B820.3 .V658 2017eb Epistemic modality in spoken standard Tibetian. 1
B821 El humanismo : El hombre como medida de todas las cosas.
Audiovisual Posthumanism.
L'humanisme ou l'appel du savoir : L'homme comme mesure de toute chose.
Monkey Trouble : the Scandal of Posthumanism.
The Wiley Blackwell handbook of humanism /
The Oxford handbook of humanism /
Posthumanism in the age of humanism : mind, matter, and the life sciences after Kant /
Humanismus Im Widerstreit Versuch über Passibilität.
Digital humanism : for a humane transformation of democracy, economy and culture in the digital age /
The Black humanist tradition in anti-racist literature : a fragile hope /
Educating humanists : the challenge of sustaining communities in the contemporary era /
Modernity and the ideals of Arab-Islamic and western-scientific philosophy : the worldviews of Mario Bunge and Taha Abd al-Rahman /
The arrogance of humanism /
B821.A1 H91 The Humanist. 1
B821.A1 I5 1960 The soul of the nations, addresses. 1
B821 .A425 1991 The metaphysics of self and world : toward a humanistic philosophy / 1
B821 .A58 2019eb Antiquities beyond humanism / 1
B821 .B245 2014 Humanism and embodiment : from cause and effect to secularism / 1
B821 .B95 The cleavage in our culture; studies in scientific humanism in honor of Max Otto. 1
B821 .C4 1934 L'humanisme et l'humain : psychologie individuelle et sociale / 1
B821 .C62 The emergence of liberal humanism: an intellectual history of Western Europe 1
B821 .D1 1939 Man the measure; an essay on humanism as religion, 1