Call Number (LC) Title Results
B821 .F93 1968 The revolution of hope: toward a humanized technology. 1
B821 .F93 1970 The revolution of hope, toward a humanized technology. 1
B821 .F93s Socialist humanism : an international symposium / 1
B821 .G44 1982 German humanism and reformation / 1
B821 .G53 1984 Estudios de humanismo y tradición clásica / 1
B821 .G77 The critique of humanism; a symposium, 1
B821 .H33 Beyond humanism; essays in the new philosophy of nature, 1
B821 .H33 1968 Beyond humanism : essays in the philosophy of nature 1
B821 .H46 Über den Humanismus. 1
B821 .H5 1948 Histoire doctrinale de l'humanisme chrétien. 1
B821 .H68 2001 Humanisme dan kebebasan pers : menyambut 70 tahun Jakob Oetama / 1
B821 .H687 2016eb Humanismus : Grundbegriffe. 1
B821 .H7 Humanist manifestos I and II. 1
B821 .I57 2013eb An insatiable dialectic : essays on critique, modernity, and humanism / 1
B821 .J627 1957 American humanism: its meaning for world survival / 1
B821 .K96 The humanist alternative: some definitions of Humanism. 1
B821 .K96c A Catholic/humanist dialogue: humanists and Roman Catholics in a common world. 1
B821 .L2 1949 Humanism as a philosophy. 1
B821.L2 I6 The independent mind; essays of a humanist philosopher. 1
B821.L2 P56 The philosophy of humanism. 1