Call Number (LC) Title Results
BH39 .W55 2023 Morphogenesis of symbolic forms : meaning in music, art, religion, and language / 1
BH39 .W556 1996 Stylistics : rethinking the artforms after Hegel / 1
BH39 .W58 2012eb Wittgenstein and aesthetics : perspectives and debates / 1
BH39 .W63 1993 Aesthetics and the sociology of art / 1
BH39 .W86 Art and its objects, an introduction to aesthetics. 1
BH39 .W86 1992 Art and its objects : with six supplementary essays / 1
BH39 .Z546 2018 Verletzbare Orte : Entwurf einer praktischen Ästhetik. 1
BH41 .A25 Aesthetic concepts and education. 1
BH41 .A37 Aesthetics and politics / 1
BH41 .B1 1957 Art and analysis; an essay toward a theory in aesthetics. 1
BH41 +B35 Marxism and aesthetics: a selective annotated bibliography; books and articles in the English language. 1
BH41 .B45 Formalism and Marxism / 1
BH41 .B7 1953 My friends, the senses; 1
BH41 .D86 Phénoménologie de l'expérience esthétique. 1
BH41 .D86 1973 The phenomenology of aesthetic experience. 1
BH41 .J63 Marxist Aesthetics (Routledge Revivals). 1
BH41 .M1 Realism; a study in art and thought, 1
BH41 .M3413 Marxist-Leninist aesthetics and the arts / 1
BH41 .M8 Scientific method in æsthetics, 1
BH41 .R4 Art and the evolution of man : lecture delivered at Conway Hall, London, on April 10th, 1951 / 1