Call Number (LC) Title Results
BL1432.Z5 H87 1958 The Zen teaching of Huang Po on the transmission of mind; being the teaching of the Zen master Huang Po as recorded by the scholar P'ei Hsiu of the Tang dynasty. 1
BL1432.Z5 R42 Zen flesh, Zen bones : a collection of Zen & pre-Zen writings / 1
BL1432.Z5 S96 Essays in Zen Buddhism : first series-third series / 1
BL1432.Z5 S96z The Zen doctrine of no-mind: the significance of the sūtra of Hui-neng (Wei-lang); 1
BL1432.Z5 W34 The spirit of Zen; a way of life, work, and art in the Far East. 1
BL1433.3.T3 The secrets of Tantric Buddhism : understanding the ecstasy of enlightenment / 1
BL1433.3.T3 B55 1992 The Tantric mysticism of Tibet : a practical guide / 1
BL1440 .A45 Buddhist hand-symbol. 1
BL1440 .E4 1959 Japanese Buddhism. 1
BL1440 .S72 1970 The Buddhist sects of Japan, their history, philosophical doctrines and sanctuarites, 1
BL1440 .V83 Ancient Buddhism in Japan. 1
BL1442.S585 E17 A religious study of the Mount Haguro sect of Shugendō; an example of Japanese mountain religion 1
BL1442.S6 B81 Sōka Gakkai; Japan's militant Buddhists, 1
BL1442.S6 D23 Sōka Gakkai, builders of the third civilization: American and Japanese members. 1
BL1442.S6 M87 Japan's new Buddhism; an objective account of Soka Gakkai, 1
BL1442.Z4 The Zen Master Hakuin : selected writings / 1
BL1442.Z4 B7 Anthology of Zen / 1
BL1442.Z4 W27 Zen Buddhism and its relation to art / 1
BL1442.Z54 E3613 The Zen Master Hakuin: selected writings. 1
BL1442.Z54 F93 Zen Buddhism & psychoanalysis 1