Call Number (LC) Title Results
BL1420 .G88 1971 In the footsteps of the Buddha. 1
BL1420 .M84 1956 The path of the Buddha; Buddhism interpreted by Buddhists. 1
BL1420 .T45 1951 The history of Buddhist thought. 1
BL1427 .R14 1966 History of Buddhism in Ceylon; the Anuradhapura period, 3d century BC--10th century AD. 1
BL1430 .C51 Buddhism in China, a historical survey, 1
BL1430 .C51 1964 Buddhism in China, a historical survey, 1
BL1430 .G5 A Buddhist Bible, the favorite scriptures of the Zen sect; history of early Zen Buddhism, self-realisation of noble wisdom, the Diamond sutra, the Prajna paramita sutra, the sutra of the sixth patriarch, 1
BL1430 .S47 Chao lun; the treatises of Seng-chao. 1
BL1430 .S96 1956 Zen Buddhism, selected writings. 1
BL1430 .W43 The practice of Chinese Buddhism. 1
BL1430 .W7 1970 Buddhism in Chinese history. 1
BL1431.6 .W43 The Buddhist revival in China. 1
BL1432.Z3 P313 1971 The recorded sayings of Layman Pʻang; a ninth-century Zen classic 1
BL1432.Z4 H8428 The platform sutra of the sixth patriarch; the text of the Tun-huang manuscript with translation, introduction, and notes, 1
BL1432.Z4 P716 2000 The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch / 1
BL1432.Z4 S82 1960 Manual of Zen Buddhism. 1
BL1432.Z4 W33 1957a The way of Zen / 1
BL 1432 Z4 W34w The way of Zen. 1
BL1432 .Z5 D8 The development of Chinese Zen after the Sixth Patriarch in the light of Mumonkan. 1
BL1432.Z5 H8 1963 The Platform Scripture...... 1