Call Number (LC) Title Results
BL1442.Z4 B7 Anthology of Zen / 1
BL1442.Z4 W27 Zen Buddhism and its relation to art / 1
BL1442.Z54 E3613 The Zen Master Hakuin: selected writings. 1
BL1442.Z54 F93 Zen Buddhism & psychoanalysis 1
BL1442.Z54 G73 1963 Zen Catholicism; a suggestion. 1
BL1442.Z54 H56 1971 Zen in the art of archery / 1
BL1442.Z54 H56 1989 Zen in the art of archery / 1
BL1442.Z54 L75 Living Zen. 1
BL1442.Z54 M57 Zen and the birds of appetite. 1
BL1442.Z54 R6 The world of Zen; an East-West anthology. 1
BL1442.Z54 S96 Zen and Japanese culture. 1
BL 1442.Z54 S96t The training of the Zen Buddhist monk. 1
BL1442.Z54 .W34 Beat Zen, square Zen, and Zen. 1
BL1443.1 .S2 Buddhist backgrounds of the Burmese revolution, 1
BL1443.1 .S6 Religion and politics in Burma. 1
BL1443.1 .S75 Buddhism and society; a great tradition and its Burmese vicissitudes 1
BL1443.2 K5 A thousand lives away; Buddhism in contemporary Burma. 1
BL1445.B95 R33 Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma. 1
BL1445.K6 S7 Korean Buddhism, history -- condition -- art: three lectures 1
BL1445.V66 .W79 The Buddhists in Vietnam : an alternative view of the war / 1