Call Number (LC) Title Results
BM157 +C55 Chronicles: news of the past. 1
BM157 .H5 1961 Judaism. 1
BM157 .J54 Untersuchungen zur israelitisch-j̋üdischen Chronologie 1
BM157 .K55 2001 The woman who laughed at God : the untold history of the Jewish people / 1
BM157 .L48 2014 Judaic Technologies of the Word : a Cognitive Analysis of Jewish Cultural Formation / 1
BM157 .N47 1992 An introduction to Judaism : a textbook and reader / 1
BM157 .P47 1982 Children of Abraham : Judaism, Christianity, Islam / 1
BM157 .S39 2012 Judaism's Great Debates : Timeless Controversies from Abraham to Herzl. 1
BM157 .S4613 1990 Seven Jewish cultures : a reinterpretation of Jewish history and thought / 1
BM157 .S62 1990 Social foundations of Judaism / 1
BM160 .F14 God's presence in history: Jewish affirmations and philosophical reflections, 1
BM160 .H99 The prophetic criticism of Israelite worship 1
BM160 .M6613 1994 Essays on ancient and modern Judaism / 1
BM160 .M67 1992 Dilemmas in modern Jewish thought : the dialectics of revelation and history / 1
BM160 .N48 1988 Struggle for the Jewish mind : debates and disputes on Judaism then and now / 1
BM160 .N49 1991 The twentieth century construction of "Judaism" : essays on the religion of Torah in the history of religion / 1
BM160 .R43 2014eb Reappraisals and new studies of the modern Jewish experience : essays in honor of Robert M. Seltzer / 1
BM160 ǂb J48 2003eb Jewish studies between the disciplines = : Judaistik zwischen den Disziplinen papers in honor of Peter Schäfer on the occasion of his 60th birthday. 1
BM165 Wellhausen and Kaufmann : ancient Israel and its religious history in the works of Julius Wellhausen and Yehezkel Kaufmann /
Social theory and the study of Israelite religion : essays in retrospect and prospect /
BM165 .C25 1998 The gifts of the Jews : how a tribe of desert nomads changed the way everyone thinks and feels / 1