Call Number (LC) Title Results
BM175.E7 E87 1989 The Essenes according to the classical sources / 1
BM175.E7 G4 1955 The Essenes: their history and doctrines. 1
BM175.E8 Theory and practice in Essene law / 1
BM175.E8 Internet The Essenes, the scrolls, and the Dead Sea / 1
BM175.H36 K36 1988 The Hasideans and the origin of Pharisaism : a study in 1 and 2 Maccabees / 1
BM175.P4 B13 The Pharisees, and other essays. 1
BM175.P4 B78 Jesus and the Pharisees 1
BM175.P4 F4 1938 The Pharisees, the sociological background of their faith 1
BM175.P4 I5 2007 In quest of the historical Pharisees / 1
BM175.P4 I5 2007eb In quest of the historical Pharisees / 1
BM175.P4 N49 The rabbinic traditions about the Pharisees before 70. 1
BM175 P4 N49f 1973 From politics to piety; the emergence of Pharisaic Judaism. 1
BM175.P4 R58 A hidden revolution / 1
BM175.Q6 The Social Role of Liturgy in the Religion of the Qumran Community. 1
BM175.Q6 C35 1995eb The use of Scripture in the Damascus document 1-8, 19-20 / 1
BM175 .Q6 G27 2007 Qumranica Minora II : Thematic Studies on the Dead Sea Scrolls. 1
BM175.Q6 H65 2010eb Holistic Qumran : trans-disciplinary research of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls / 1
BM175.Q6 N49 2004eb The self as symbolic space : constructing identity and community at Qumran / 1
BM175.Q6 .S63 2012 Social Identity and Sectarianism in the Qumran Movement. 1
BM175.Q9 B38 Studies in Qumran law / 1