Call Number (LC) Title Results
BP166.2 .G49713 1995 The ninety-nine beautiful names of God = al-Maqṣad al-asnā : fī s̲ẖarḥ asmāʼ Allāh al-ḥusnā / 1
BP166.2 .J3513 The precious pearl = al-Jamī'sʼ al-Durrah al-fākhirah : with the commentary of ʻAbd al-Ghafūr al-Lārī / 1
BP166.2 .K28 2019 Unsaying God : negative theology in medieval Islam / 1
BP166.2 .M8713 2000 God and his attributes / 1
BP166.2 .O76 1984 Theodicy in Islamic thought : the dispute over al-Ghazālī's "best of all possible worlds" / 1
BP166.2 .V35 2003 No God but God : a path to Muslim-Christian dialogue on God's nature / 1
BP166.23 .B63 1979eb The mystical vision of existence in classical Islam : the Qur'ānic hermeneutics of the Ṣūfī Sahl At-Tustarī (d. 283/896) / 1
BP166.3 O24 Political theology in early Islam 1
BP166.38 .T6813 Biblical Prophets in the Qur'an and Muslim Literature. 1
BP166.4 ǂb T5 2002eb Ara'is Al-Majalis Fi Qisas Al-Anbiya' or ""Lives of the Prophets"" : As Recounted By Abu Ishaq Ahmad Ibn Muhammed Ibn Ibrahim Al-Thalabi. 1
BP166.5 .M8713 2000 The Seal of the Prophets and his message / 1
BP166.5 .P69 2009 Muḥammad is not the father of any of your men : the making of the last prophet / 1
BP166.55 .S8713 2009 The expansion of prophetic experience : essays on historicity, contingency and plurality in religion / 2
BP166.57 .C65 2008eb Narrating Muḥammad's night journey : tracing the development of the Ibn ʻAbbās ascension discourse / 1
BP166.57 .L53 1998 El libro del viaje nocturno y la ascención del profeta = Kitâb al-isrâʼ wa-l-miʻrâj li-l-Imâm Ibn ʻAbbâs / 1
BP166.57 .M39 2014eb The Malay Hikayat Mi'raj Nabi Muhammad : the Prophet Muhammad's nocturnal journey to Heaven and Hell : text and translation of Cod. Or. 1713 in the Library of Leiden University / 1
BP166.57 +M54 The Miraculous journey of Mahomet : Mirâj nâmeh : Bibliothèque nationale, Paris (Manuscrit supplément Turn 190) / 1
BP166.57 .V83 2005eb Heavenly journeys, earthly concerns : the legacy of the miʻraj in the formation of Islam / 1
BP166.6 .A66 Revelation and reason in Islam. 1
BP166.65 .Y39 2013eb Understanding the Qur'anic miracle stories in the modern age / 1