Call Number (LC) Title Results
BP189.7.C49 G4 2023 Sufi rituals and practices : experiences from South Asia, 1200-1450 / 1
BP189.7.H342 C72 The Ḥamadsha; a study in Moroccan ethnopsychiatry. 1
BP189.7.K44 C87 2010eb The transformation of Muslim mystical thought in the Ottoman Empire : the rise of the Halveti order, 1350-1650 / 1
BP189.7.M42 A323 1994 Signs of the unseen : the discourses of Jalaluddin Rumi / 1
BP189.7.M42 C42 Rumi the Persian: rebirth in creativity and love, 1
BP189.7.M42 +F91 The whirling dervishes : being an account of the Sufi order, known as the Mevlevis, and its founder, the poet and mystic, Mevlana Jalaluʼddin Rumi / 1
BP189.7.M42 +F91 2003 Rumi and the whirling dervishes : being an account of the Sufi order known as the Mevlevis and its founder the poet and mystic Mevlana Jalaluʼddin Rumi / 1
BP189.7.M42 +R45 2001 Women called to the path of Rumi : the way of the whirling dervish / 1
BP189.7.N35 D553 2001 Melacak kesesatan & kedustaan ajaran Tarekat Naqsyabandiyah Prof. Dr. Kadirun Yahya, M.Sc. / 1
BP189.7.N35 K34 1998 Pengikut tarekat di perkotaan : kajian tentang perkembangan kehidupan keagamaan, pengikut tarekat Qadiriyah Naqsabandiyah di Kotamadya Bandung : laporan penelitian / 1
BP189.7.N35 +N367 1999 Naqshbandis in western and central Asia : change and continuity ; papers read at a conference held at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, June 9-11, 1997 / 1
BP189.7.N35 N87 2002 Tanggapan dan penjelasan terhadap buku "Melacak kesesatan dan kedustaan ajaran tarekat Naqsyabandiyah Prof. Dr. H. Kadirun Yahya" yang disusun oleh M. Amin Djamaluddin / 1
BP189.7.Q3 D47 1987 Dervishes of Kurdistan / 1
BP189.7.Q32 A35 1994 The secret of secrets / 1
BP189.7.Q32 H36 2003 Mitos-mitos dalam hikayat Abdulkadir Jailani / 1
BP189.7.S42 V55 1995 Sufi and scholar on the desert edge : Muḥammad b. ʻAlī al-Sanūsī and his brotherhood / 1
BP189.7.S5 G55 Saint and Sufi in modern Egypt; an essay in the sociology of religion. 1
BP189.7.S5 J64 1996 Sufism and Islamic reform in Egypt : the battle for Islamic tradition / 2
BP189.7.S6 H83 2002eb Striving for Divine Union : Spiritual Exercises for Suhraward Sufis. 1
BP189.7.S6 H83 2003 Striving for divine union : spiritual exercises for Suhrawardī Sūfīs / 1