Call Number (LC) Title Results
BR100 .K4f 1983 Fear and trembling ; Repetition / 1
BR100 .K4f 2012 Fear and trembling / 1
BR100.K4 G22 The anti-Christianity of Kierkegaard; a study of Concluding unscientific postscript. 1
BR 100 K4t 1944 Training in Christianity and the Edifying discourse which 'accompanied' it, 1
BR100 .K5336 2006eb Kierkegaards "Furcht und Zittern" als Bild seines ethischen Erkenntnisbegriffs 1
BR100 .K63 2008eb Zizek and Theology. 1
BR100 .L265 2016 Divine Faith. 1
BR100 .L6 1943 The case for Christianity, 1
BR100 .L656 Logos : philosophic issues in Christian perspective. 1
BR100 .L98 A Christian philosophy 1
BR100 .M1 The science and art of religion / 1
BR100 .M16 An annotated bibliography of philosophy in Catholic thought, 1900-1964, 1
BR 100 M16b A bibliography of Christian philosophy and contemporary issues, 1
BR100 .M33 1986 Quest for a philosophical Jesus : Christianity and philosophy in Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, and Schelling / 1
BR100 .M34 2007 Everything must change : Jesus, global crises, and a revolution of hope / 1
BR100 .M345 2012 A jigsaw guide to making sense of the world / 1
BR100 .M37 The new dialogue between philosophy and theology. 1
BR100 .M375 2021eb From Plato to Christ How Platonic Thought Shaped the Christian Faith. 1
BR100 .M583 2021 The Shared Witness of C. S. Lewis and Austin Farrer Friendship, Influence, and an Anglican Worldview. 1
BR100 .M675 1991 Knights of faith and resignation : reading Kierkegaard's Fear and trembling / 1