Call Number (LC) Title Results
BR165 .H6 The rise and early progress of Christianity. 1
BR165 .H77 2016 Destroyer of the gods : early Christian distinctiveness in the Roman world / 1
BR165.I87 2007 Israel's God and Rebecca's Children : Christology and Community in Early Judaism and Christianity. 1
BR165 .J46 2008 The lost history of Christianity : the thousand-year golden age of the church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia- and how it died / 1
BR165 .J53 1980 Jewish and Christian self-definition / 1
BR165 .J92 The social pattern of the Christian groups in the first century: some prolegomena to the study of New Testament ideas of social obligation, 1
BR165 .K44 1997 The world of the early Christians / 1
BR165 .K5 The church of the apostles / 1
BR165 .K74 The early church and the coming great church. 1
BR165 .L3 The pre-Nicene church; papers read at the Summer school of Catholic studies, held at Cambridge, July 28th to August 6th, 1934; 1
BR165 .L4 1949 The history of the primitive church, 1
BR 165 L4h The history of the early church, 1
BR165 .L71 Geschichte der alten kirche, 1
BR165 .L71 1961 A History of the early church / 1
BR165 .L71 1961b A history of the early church. 1
BR165 .L83 1962 The birth of the Christian religion (La naissance du christianisme) and The origins of the New Testament 1
BR165.L83 L59 Les théories de M. Loisy : exposé et critique / 1
BR165 .M14 2009 The second church : popular Christianity A.D. 200-400 / 1
BR165 .M14 2009eb The second church : popular Christianity A.D. 200-400 / 1
BR165 .M38 1986 The early Christians : their world mission and self-discovery / 1