Call Number (LC) Title Results
BR50 .C5567 Christianity, Judaism and other Greco-Roman cults : studies for Morton Smith at sixty / 1
BR50 .C663 Creativity and method : essays in honor of Bernard Lonergan, S.J. / 1
BR50 .C69 Theology in revolution; [proceedings] 1
BR 50 C69t That they may live: theological reflections on the quality of life; [proceedings] 1
BR50 .D63 1979 Doing theology in new places / 1
BR50 .D99 The Dynamic in Christian thought. 1
BR50 .E17 Popular belief and practice; papers read at the ninth summer meeting and the tenth winter meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society. 1
BR50 .F364 1987 Faith that transforms : essays in honor of Gregory Baum / 1
BR50 .F37 1985 God's work in a changing world / 1
BR50 .F83 1993 The Future of prophetic Christianity : essays in honor of Robert McAfee Brown / 1
BR50 .G2 1963 The roads converge; a contribution to the question of Christian reunion, 1
BR50 .G545 God, secularization, and history; essays in memory of Ronald Gregor Smith. 1
BR50 .G55 God's word among men : papers in honour of Fr. Joseph Putz, Frs. J. Bayart, J. Volckaert, and P. De Letter / 1
BR50 .G67 The Gospel and human destiny. 1
BR50 .H2513 1993 Hans Küng : new horizons for faith and thought / 1
BR50 .H46 The scope of grace; essays on nature and grace in honor of Joseph Sittler, 1
BR50 .J659 2018 Prier 15 jours avec Jean-Sébastien Bach : Un livre pratique et accessible. 1
BR50 .K75 Consensus in theology? : a dialogue with Hans Küng, Edward Schillebeeckx / 1
BR50 .K96 Interpretation der Welt : Festschrift Romano Guardini zum achtizigsten Gerburtstag / 1
BR50 .L345 1996 The beginning and the end of 'religion' / 1