Call Number (LC) Title Results
BR65.A9ci H4 The city of God (De civitate Dei) 1
BR 65 A9ci H4 1940 The city of God / 1
BR65.A9ci H57 1997 History, apocalypse, and the secular imagination : new essays on Augustine's City of God / 1
BR 65 A9ci H6 1931 St. Augustine's treatise on the City of God 1
BR65.A9ci M1 The city of God against the pagans / 1
BR 65 A9ci M3 1952 Studies in the political and socio-religious terminology of the De civitate Dei. 1
BR 65 A9ci M39 1935 The rare and late Latin nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in St. Augustine's De civitate Dei : a morphological and semasiological study 1
BR65.A9ci M8 1854 La cité de Dieu / 1
BR65.A9ci M9 1956 De civitate Dei. 1
BR65.A9ci O33 2004 Augustine's City of God : a reader's guide / 1
BR 65 A9ci O5 1961 Charter of Christendom; the significance of the City of God. 1
BR 65 A9ci R5 St. Augustine's City of God; a view of the contents, 1
BR 65 A9ci S697 On the two cities; selections from The city of God / 1
BR 65 A9ci V5 1958 A guide to The city of God. 1
BR65.A9ci V58 1661 S. Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis episcopi De civitate Dei libri XXII : in duos tomos divisi, ex vetustissimis mms. exemplaribus emendati, juxta novissimam editionem Coloniensem / 1
BR 65 A9ci W3 1958 The city of God; 1
BR 65 A9ci W35 City of God. 1
BR65.A9ci W44 1924 De civitate Dei contra paganos. Libri XXII. 1
BR 65 A9co K2 1943 Answer to skeptics; a translation of St. Augustine's Contra academicos, 1
BR 65 A9co M3 1942 Saint Augustine against the Academicians (Contra academicos) 1