Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2615.2 .B76 1993 The quest for the origin of John's Gospel : a source-oriented approach / 1
BS2615.2.B76 1993 BS2615.2.B BS2615.2.B76 1992 The Quest for the Origin of John's Gospel : a Source-Oriented Approach. 1
BS2615.2 .B76 1993eb The quest for the origin of John's Gospel : a source-oriented approach / 1
BS2615.2 .B89 The art and thought of John 1
BS 2615.2 B89c The Christian Buddhism of St. John; new insights into the Fourth Gospel, 1
BS2615.2 .C12 The open heaven, the revelation of God in the Johannine sayings of Jesus 1
BS2615.2 .C38 1992 John's Gospel in the new perspective : Christology and the realities of Roman power / 1
BS2615.2 .C67 2001 God dwells with us : temple symbolism in the Fourth Gospel / 1
BS2615.2 .C68 Consummatum est : eschatology and church in the Gospel of St. John / 1
BS2615.2 .C85 1983 Anatomy of the fourth gospel : a study in literary design / 1
BS2615.2 .D3528 1992eb Rhetoric and reference in the fourth gospel / 1
BS2615.2 E367 1992 The text of the fourth Gospel in the writings of Origen / 1
BS2615.2 .E82 1993 Word and Glory : On the Exegetical and Theological Background of John's Prologue. 1
BS2615.2 .F42 Le Prologue du quatrième Évangile; Étude de théologie Johannique. 1
BS2615.2 .F695 2018 The Influence of Ezekiel in the Fourth Gospel : Intertextuality and Interpretation. 1
BS2615.2 .F738 1988 The Fourth Gospel and its predecessor : from narrative source to present Gospel / 1
BS2615.2 .F74 1970 The gospel of signs: a reconstruction of the narrative source underlying the Fourth Gospel. 1
BS2615.2 .F85 Old Testament quotations in the Gospel of John, by Edwin D. Freed. 1
BS2615.2 .G54 Moses in the fourth Gospel / 1
BS2615.2 .H2713 1984 John : a commentary on the Gospel of John / 1