Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS1151.2 .B84 The problem of "curse" in the Hebrew Bible. 1
BS1151.2 .C67 1996 The view from Jacob's ladder : one hundred midrashim / 1
BS1151.2 .H44 The Hebrew kingdoms, 1
BS1151.2 .K5 1999eb Ki Baruch Hu : Ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and Judaic studies in honor of Baruch A. Levine / 1
BS1151.2 .R96 The Jews from Alexander to Herod, 1
BS1151.5 .B47 A book of parables / 1
BS1151.52 Opening Israel's Scriptures / 1
BS1151.52 .K56 2020eb The Bible guide - Old Testament 1
BS1153 .G31 1950 Les idées maîtresses de l'Ancien Testament / 1
BS1153 .G31 1955 The key concepts of the Old Testament. 1
BS1158.H4 E33 Mikra ki-feshuto. 1
BS1158.H4 Z3413 2012eb From Gods to God : how the Bible debunked, suppressed, or changed ancient myths & legends / 1
BS1160 .B68 1991 Biblical criticism in crisis? : the impact of the canonical approach on Old Testament studies / 1
BS1160 .C56 1976 One hundred years of Old Testament interpretation / 1
BS1160 .C7 1942 The Old Testament and the critics, 1
BS1160 .F86 1998eb The function of scripture in early Jewish and Christian tradition / 1
BS1160 .H14 The Old Testament in modern research 1
BS1160.H25 2010 Reclaiming the Hebrew Bible : German-Jewish Reception of Biblical Criticism. 1
BS1160 .H38 An introduction to Old Testament Study / 1
BS1160 .H43 1985 The Hebrew Bible and its modern interpreters / 1