Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS1188 .A46 Essays on Old Testament history and religion; 1
BS1188 .B53 2001eb Biblical Hebrew, biblical texts : essays in memory of Michael P. Weitzman / 1
BS1188 .I57 1982 Interpreting the Hebrew Bible : essays in honour of E.I.J. Rosenthal ... / 1
BS1188 .L42 2004eb Le-David maskil : a birthday tribute for David Noel Freedman / 1
BS1188 .R12 The problem of the Hexateuch and other essays. 1
BS1188 .R88 The servant of the Lord, and other essays on the Old Testament. 1
BS1188 .T49 2000eb Text in context : essays by members of the Society for Old Testament Study / 1
BS1188 .T7 Traditions in transformation : turning points in Biblical faith / 1
BS1188 .U53 1993eb Understanding poets and prophets : essays in honour of George Wishart Anderson / 1
BS1188 .W58 2020eb "A wise and discerning mind" : essays in honor of Burke O. Long / 1
BS1188 .W9 1961 The Bible and the ancient Near East; essays in honor of William Foxwell Albright. 1
BS1191.5.A1 T49 1992 Text as pretext : essays in honour of Robert Davidson / 1
BS1191.5 .G68 Reclaiming the Old Testament for the Christian pulpit / 1
BS1192 Death Gods : an Encyclopedia of the Rulers, Evil Spirits, and Geographies of the Dead.
On the Way to the Postmodern, 1 : Old Testament Essays 1967-1998.
BS1192 .A46 Biblical motifs; origins and transformations. 1
BS1192 .A54 1962 Israel's prophetic heritage; essays in honor of James Muilenburg. 1
BS1192 .A76 1982 Art and meaning : rhetoric in Biblical literature / 1
BS1192 .A76 1982eb Art and meaning : rhetoric in Biblical literature / 1
BS1192 .A78 1988eb Ascribe to the Lord : Biblical & other studies in memory of Peter C. Craigie / 1
BS1192 .B34 Zum Alten Testament und seiner Umwelt; ausgewälte Aufsätze. 1