Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS1545.55 .O94 2023eb The Oxford handbook of Ezekiel / 1
BS1545.6.P695 K88 2000 Between Heaven and Earth : divine presence and absence in the Book of Ezekiel / 1
BS1545.6.P695 K88 2000eb Between Heaven and Earth : divine presence and absence in the Book of Ezekiel / 1
BS1545.6.V58 H54 2015 Ezekiel's vision accounts as interrelated narratives : a redaction-critical and theological study / 1
BS1553 .F8 1691 Daniel traduit en françois : Avec une explication tirée des saints péres & des autheurs ecclésiastiques ... 1
BS1553 .H3 1978 The Book of Daniel / 1
BS1555 .B7 1952 Messianic chronology in Daniel. 1
BS1555 .D7 Aloe amari sed salubris succi ieivnivm /
Daniel prophetarum, princeps descriptus et morali doctrina illustratus /
BS1555 .D7 4 Avrifodina artium et scientiarum omnium : excerpendi solertia, omnibus litterarum amantibus monstrata / 1
BS1555 D7 4 Daniel prophetarvm princeps descriptus, et morali doctrina illustratus / 1
BS1555.H453 B7 Jerome's commentary on Daniel : a study of comparative Jewish and Christian interpretations of the Hebrew Bible / 1
BS1555 .H6 The Book of Daniel ; its prophetic character and spiritual meaning / 1
BS1555 .H81 Daniel, Darius the Median, Cyrus the Great : a chronologico-historical study : based on results of recent researches, and from sources Hebrew, Greek, cuneiform, etc. / 1
BS1555 .K6 Commentarius in Danielem prophetam, Lamentationes et Baruch / 1
BS1555 .M78 1927 A critical and exegetical commentary on the book of Daniel / 1
BS1555 .R88 1935 Darius, the Mede and the four empires in the book of Daniel; a historical study of contemporary theories, 1
BS1555.2 Daniel. 1
BS1555.2 .B43 1984 The use of Daniel in Jewish apocalyptic literature and in the Revelation of St. John / 1
BS1555.2 .B535 2018 The Biblical Book of Daniel : the Catalan Translation by the French Hebraist Maties Delcor. 1
BS1555.2 .C64 The apocalyptic vision of the book of Daniel / 1