Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS192.3.A1 1970 P3 1970 The new American Bible / 1
BS192.3.A1 1971 N37 1971b The new American Bible / 1
BS192.3.A1 1990 N49 The Catholic study Bible / 1
BS195 .B38 1977 The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments : the revised Berkeley version in modern English. A completely new translation from the original languages. 1
BS195 .B58 1824 A new family Bible, and improved version, from corrected texts of the originals : with notes, critical and explanatory ; and short practical reflections on each chapter, together with a general introduction, on the authenticity and inspiration of the sacred books ; and a complete view of the mosaic laws, rites and customs / 1
BS195 .C3 The Holy Bible. 1
BS195 .C3 1952 The Holy Bible. 1
BS195 .E64 2008 ESV study Bible : English Standard Version. 1
BS195 .J56 The Jerusalem Bible / 1
BS195 .J56 1985 The New Jerusalem Bible. 1
BS195 .K4 1918 The shorter Bible ... 1
BS195 .K7 1936 The Holy Bible; an abridgement and rearrangement 1
BS195 .K7 1955 The Holy Bible; a translation from the Latin Vulgate in the light of the Hebrew and Greek originals. 1
BS195 .L35 1985 The Holy Bible from the ancient Eastern text : George M. Lamsa's translations from the Aramaic of the Peshitta. 1
BS195 .N37 1978 The Holy Bible : New international version, containing the Old Testament and the New Testament. 1
BS195 .N37 1984 The holy Bible : new international version : containing the Old Testament and the New Testament. 1
BS195 .N37 1985 The NIV study Bible : New international version / 1
BS195 .N372 1998 Third Millennium Bible : New Authorized Version of the Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books. 1
BS195 .N373 1996 Holy Bible : NIrV, New International Reader's Version. 1
BS195 .N375 1999 The new Jerusalem Bible : standard edition. 1