Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2456 K89 John the Baptist. 1
BS2456 .L7 Life of St. John the Baptist / 1
BS2456 .M33 2018 John the Baptist in history and theology / 1
BS2456 .R4 1953 John the Baptist, missionary of Christ. 1
BS2456 .S42 1964 John the Baptist 1
BS2456 .S8 1958 Saint John the Baptist and the desert tradition. 1
BS2456 .T38 1997 The immerser : John the Baptist within Second Temple Judaism / 1
BS2456 .W42 1991 John the baptizer and prophet : a socio-historical study / 1
BS2456 .W77 John the Baptist in the gospel tradition. 1
BS2456 .Y36 1998eb John the Baptist in life and death : audience-oriented criticism of Matthewʹs narrative / 1
BS2458 Joseph of Arimathea : a Study in Reception History. 1
BS2458 .B7 The admirable life of the glorious patriarch Saint Joseph : taken from the Cité mystique de Dieu (The Mystical city of God) : preceded by the "sentiments of M. Olier on the devotion to St. Joseph" taken from his manuscripts : with an appendix of the life of the venerable Maria of Jesus of Agreda ... / 1
BS2458 B7 2 The admirable life of the glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph : taken from the Cité mystique de Dieu (The mystical city of God) / 1
BS2458 .B76 Histoire de Saint Joseph, époux de la Vierge Marie : pére nourricier de Notre-Seigneur Jésus Christ / 1
BS2458 .B78 Vie de Saint Joseph / 1
BS2458 .C46 2011 Joseph of Nazareth through the centuries / 1
BS2458 .F4 1945 The man nearest to Christ; nature and development of the devotion to St. Joseph 1
BS2458 .G2 1962 Joseph the silent. 1
BS2458 .G4 1945 Saint Joseph : a short life based on the Gospels / 1
BS2458 .H4 The house of gold and the Saint of Nazareth. A poetical life of Saint Joseph ... 1