Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2545.W45 S94 Wisdom, christology, and law in Matthew's Gospel 1
BS2545.W64 M64 Woman, first among the faithful / 1
BS2545.W65 T48 1998 Women in the New Testament : questions and commentary / 1
BS2545.W65 W57 1990 Women and the genesis of Christianity / 1
BS2548.A5 G98 The Gospels and Acts / 1
BS2548 .K65 1969 A survey of the researches into the western text of the Gospels and Acts; part two: 1949-1969, 1
BS2548 .P37 1992 Codex Bezae : an early Christian manuscript and its text / 1
BS2548 .V35 2009 The Gospels and Christian life in history and practice / 1
BS2549 .1888 The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel columns with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale / 1
BS2549 .J3 Life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth : extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French, and English / 1
BS2549 .J3 1904 The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth, extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French, and English, 1
BS2549.J5 J43 1983 Jefferson's extracts from the Gospels : "The Philosophy of Jesus" and "The Life and morals of Jesus" / 1
BS2550 .A3 1894 A translation of the four Gospels from the Syriac of the Sinaitic palimpsest 1
BS2550.T2 A3 1910 The earliest life of Christ ever compiled from the four Gospels, being the Diatessaron of Tatian (circ. A.D. 160) Literally translated from the Arabic version and containing the four Gospels woven into one story, 1
BS2550.T2 E63 Commentaire de l'Évangile concordant ou Diatessaron / 1
BS2551.A2 F23 Synopticon: the verbal agreement between the Greek texts of Matthew, Mark and Luke contextually exhibited 1
BS2552 .A2 1886 C. Vetti Aquilini Iuvenci Libri Evangeliorum IIII. 1
BS2552.A2 G56 1933 History of the Vulgate in England from Alcuin to Roger Bacon; being an inquiry into the text of some English manuscripts of the Vulgate Gospels, 1
BS2552.A2 J97 Ad Iuvenci Evangeliorum librum primum commentarius exegeticus. 1
BS 2552 A2 J97w Ad Iuvenci Evangeliorum librum secundum commentarius exegeticus. 1