Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2555 .M14 1944 Form-criticism of the synoptic healing narratives, a study in the theories of Martin Dibelius and Rudolf Bultmann, 1
BS2555 +M2 R.P. Ioannis Maldonati Societatis Iesu theologi Commentarii in quatuor Euangelistas : in duos tomos diuisi & nunc emendatius in lucem editi, quorum prior eos, qui in Matthæum, & Marcum ; posterior eos, qui in Lucam & Ioannem, complectitur. 1
BS2555 M2 A commentary on the Holy Gospels / 1
BS2555 +M2 1596 Ioannis Maldonati Societatis Iesu theologi : Commentarii in quattuor [sic] Evangelistas. 1
BS2555 .M59 Index to periodical literature on Christ and the Gospels, 1
BS2555 .M77 The Synoptic Gospels, 1
BS 2555 M77r Rabbinic literature and Gospel teachings. 1
BS2555 .O6 1949 The family at Bethany. 1
BS2555 .R7 1934 The Synoptic gospels, 1
BS2555 .R8 Rough sermon notes on the Sunday Gospels / 1
BS2555 .S1 Scholia in quatuor evangelia : ex selectis doctorum sacrorum sententiis collecta / 1
BS2555 .S3 The new ideals from the Gospel / 1
BS2555 .S65 Tannaitic parallels to the Gospels. 1
BS2555 .S7 The Gospels as historical documents ... 1
BS2555 .S8 Manual of the four gospels, 1
BS2555 .S88 1963 Origins of the Synoptic Gospels; some basic questions. 1
BS2555 .S91 The four Gospels; a study of origins, treating of the manuscript tradition, sources, authorship, & dates, 1
BS2555 .T4 Catena aurea, commentary on the four gospels; collected out of the works of the fathers. 1
BS2555 .T4 4 S. Thomae Aquinatis doctoris angelici Catena aurea in quatuor Evangelia / 1
BS2555 .T5 1866 When were our gospels written? An argument by Constantine Tischendorf. With a narrative of the discovery of the Sinaitic manuscript. 1