Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2587 .E7313 1988 Paraphrase on Mark / 1
BS2589 Decisive meals : table politics in biblical literature /
Rhetorical Texture and Narrative Trajectories of the Lukan Galilean Ministry Speeches : Hermeneutical Appropriation by Authorial Readers of Luke-Acts.
Luke's Literary Achievement : Collected Essays.
Luke the historian of Israel's legacy, theologian of Israel's Christ : a new reading of the gospel Acts of Luke /
BS2589.A3 J82 The cotton patch version of Luke and Acts: Jesus' doings and The happenings. 1
BS2589 .A44 1993 The preface to Luke's Gospel : literary convention and social context in Luke 1.1-4 and Acts 1.1 / 1
BS2589 .B32 1980 Jerusalem und der Tempel : d. geograph.-theol. Elemente in d. lukan. Sicht d. jüd. Kultzentrums / 1
BS2589 .B6813 1987 Luke the theologian : thirty-three years of research (1950-1983) / 1
BS2589 .C48 1988 Jerusalem, the temple, and the new age in Luke-Acts / 1
BS2589 .C53 2016eb The Spirit of Jesus Unleashed on the Church : Acts of the Early Christians in a Changing Culture. 1
BS2589 .C6513 1961 The theology of St. Luke / 1
BS2589 .C86 1997eb Through many tribulations : the theology of persecution in Luke-Acts / 1
BS2589 .D37 1992 On character building : the reader and the rhetoric of characterization in Luke-Acts / 1
BS2589 .D45 1997eb The things accomplished among us : prophetic tradition in the structural pattern of Luke-Acts / 1
BS2589 .E85 1989 Community and gospel in Luke-Acts : the social and political motivations of Lucan theology / 1
BS2589 .E935 1993 Luke and scripture : the function of sacred tradition in Luke-Acts / 1
BS2589 .F58 1989 Luke the theologian : aspects of his teaching / 1
BS2589 .F7 Christ the Lord : a study in the purpose and theology of Luke-Acts / 1
BS2589 .G66 2015eb The story Luke tells : Luke's unique witness to the gospel / 1
BS2589 .H3 1958 Prophet and witness in Jerusalem, a study of the teaching of St. Luke. 1
BS2589 .J57 Luke and the people of God; a new look at Luke-Acts. 1
BS2589 .J58 1999 Jesus and the heritage of Israel : Luke's narrative claim upon Israel's legacy / 1