Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2824.F8 B6 1950 L'Apocalypse, 1
BS2824.F8 L4 1702 L'Apocalypse, traduite en françois, avec une explication tirée des ss. Peres & des auteurs ecclesiastiques. 1
BS2825 Scriptualizing Revelation : an African American Postcolonial Reading of Empire. 1
BS2825.A2 A6 Tractatus in Apocalysin. 1
BS2825.A2 +B369 2000 Apocalipsis. 1
BS2825.A2 C59 1982 The end of the world / 1
BS2825.A2 J59 1986 Enchiridion super Apocalypsim / 1
BS2825.A2 J6 1527a Expositio in Apocalypsim. 1
BS2825.B36 W59 A Beatus fragment at Santo Domingo de Silos. 1
BS2825 .B39 The Apocalypse of John; studies in introduction with a critical and exegetical commentary. 1
BS2825 .C2 1948 The Apocalypse of Saint John, 1
BS2825 .C47 1920 A critical and exegetical commentary on the Revelation of St. John : with introd., notes, and indices, also the Greek text and English translation / 1
BS2825 .E66 The Revelation of John; an exposition. 1
BS2825 .E96 1858 An exposition of the Apocalypse of St. John the apostle / 1
BS2825 .F26 1986 A rebirth of images : the making of St. John's Apocalypse / 1
BS2825 .F42 1963 L'Apocalypse : état de la question / 1
BS2825 .L2 Observations on the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John: Which comprehend the most approved sentiments of the celebrated Mr. Mede, Mr. Lowman, Bishop Newton, and other noted writers on this book: and cast much additional light on the more obsure prophecies; especially those which point out the time of the rise and fall of Antichrist. In two parts .../ 1
BS2825 .L2r 1774 A rational explication of St. John's vision of the two beasts in the XIIIth chapter of the Revelation : shewing that the beginning, power, and duration of popery are plainly predicted in that vision, and that these predictions have hitherto been punctually verified / 1
BS2825 .L4 1954 The Woman clothed with the sun( Apoc. 12): individual or collective? (an exegetical study) 1
BS2825 .L72 The last book of the Bible; the meaning of the Revelation of St. John. 1