Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS2840 .H5 1960 The New Testament Apocrypha. 1
BS2850.A3 The Apocryphal Gospels : Texts and Translations. 1
BS2850.A3 A66 2011 The Apocryphal Gospels : texts and translations / 1
BS2850.A3 A66 2013eb The other Gospels : accounts of Jesus from outside the New Testament / 1
BS2850.A3 C7 Four other gospels : shadows on the contours of canon / 1
BS2850.A3 S96 2006eb A synopsis of the apocryphal nativity and infancy narratives / 1
BS2850.A3 S96 2016 A synopsis of the Apocryphal nativity and infancy narratives / 1
BS2850 .L3 1528 Theophylacti Archiepiscopi Bulgariae in quatuor Euangelia enarrationes, denuo recognitae / 1
BS2851 Hidden Gospels : How the Search for Jesus Lost Its Way. 1
BS2851 .C55 1998eb The Apocryphal Gospels of Mary in Anglo-Saxon England. 1
BS2851 .F67 2009eb The apocryphal Gospels : a very short introduction / 1
BS2851 .G7 1960 The secret sayings of Jesus, 1
BS2851 .J46 2001 Hidden Gospels : how the search for Jesus lost its way / 1
BS2851 .K54 1992 Jewish-Christian Gospel tradition / 1
BS2851 +N1 Adnotationes et meditationes in Euangelia quae in sacrosancto Missae sacrificio toto anno leguntur : cum Euangeliorum concordantia historiae integritati sufficienti : accessit & index historiam ipsam Euangelicam in ordinem temporis vitae Christi distribuens / 1
BS2851.N66 2008 Non-Canonical Gospels. 1
BS2851 .P3 Sources of the synoptic Gospels, 1
BS2860.J3 S92 1961 La forme la plus ancienne du Protévangile de Jacques; 1
BS2860 .J3 S92a Une ancienne version latine du Protévangile de Jacques / 1
BS2860.J61 A3 1963 Apocryphon Johannis : the coptic text of the Apocryphon Johannis in the Nag Hammadi Codex II / 1