Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS440 .B46713 1981 Encyclopedia of Biblical theology : the complete Sacramentum verbi / 1
BS440 +B6 1973 The Book of the Bible. 1
BS440 .B73 1963 Encyclopedic dictionary of the Bible. A translation and adaptation of A. van den Born's Bijbels woordenboek, 2d rev. ed., 1954-1957, 1
BS440 .B75 Theological dictionary of the Old Testament / 1
BS440 +C1 1800 Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible: historical, critical, geographical, and etymological ... 1
BS440 .C28 Dictionarium manuale biblicum : ex celebratissimis potissimum dictionariis / 1
BS440 .C28 1801 Fragments, being illustrations of the manners, incidents, and phraseology of Holy Scripture : principally selected from the most exteemed and authentic voyages and travels into the east, with additional remarks, observations, and plates, intended as a continued appendix to Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible. 1
BS440 .C3 Catholic Biblical encyclopedia 1
BS440 +C34 1766 Dictionarium historicum, criticum, chronologicum, geographicum, et literale sacræ scripturæ : cum figuris antiquitates Judaicas repræsentantibus / 1
BS440 +C34 1795 Dictionarium historicum, criticum, chronologicum, geographicum, et litterale Sacrae Scripturae : cum figuris antiquitates Judaicas repraesentantibus / 1
BS440 .C47 1971 50 key words, the Bible. 1
BS440 .D5 1960 Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la Bible. 1
BS440 .D73 1962 The new Bible dictionary. 1
BS440 .E1 The Bible word-book: a glossary of old English Bible words, 1
BS440 .E56 The Encyclopedia of the Bible. 1
BS440 .G55 2006 A concise dictionary of Bible origins and interpretation / 1
BS440 .H1 Lexicon biblicum / 1
BS440 .H237 1985 Harper's Bible dictionary / 1
BS440 .H237 1996 The HarperCollins Bible dictionary / 1
BS440 +H3 A dictionary of the Bible; dealing with its language, literature, and contents, including the Biblical theology; 1