Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS440 .N43 1967 The new compact Bible dictionary, 1
BS440 .N45 1970 The New World dictionary-concordance to the new American Bible. 1
BS440 .R51 ABC of the Bible 1
BS440 .R515 1985 Expository dictionary of Bible words / 1
BS440 .R52 A theological word book of the Bible. 1
BS440 .R88 Dictionary of Bible themes 1
BS440 .S2 1887 A dictionary of the Bible : including biography, natural history, geography, topography, archaeology, and literature / 1
BS440 .S6 Dictionary of the Bible; comprising its antiquities, biography, geography, and natural history. 1
BS440 .S6 1895 A dictionary of the Bible : comprising its antiquities, biography, geography, and natural history, with numerous illustrations and maps, engraved expressly for this work / 1
BS440 +V6 Dictionnaire de la Bible. 1
BS440 .V87 1962 Vocabulaire de théologie biblique, 1
BS440 .Z63 The Zondervan pictorial encyclopedia of the Bible. 1
BS445 Shaping the Bible in the Reformation : books, scholars, and their readers in the sixteenth century / 1
BS445 .A94 1963 The formation of the Bible; history of the sacred writings of the people of God. 1
BS445 .B21 Cuestiones bíblicas : 1
BS445 .B9 Horae biblicae : being a connected series of notes on the text and literary history of the Bibles, or sacred books of the Jews and Christians ... 1
BS445 .C17 The Cambridge history of the Bible. 1
BS445 .C4 1834 An Abstract of the History of the Old and New Testaments : divided into three parts / 1
BS445 .C5 The Catholic Church and the Bible. 1
BS445 .D35 1998 Don't know much about the Bible : everything you need to know about the Good Book but never learned / 1