Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS445 .R44 The romance of Bible scripts and scholars: chapters in the history of Bible transmission and translation 1
BS445 .S315 2004 How the Bible became a book : the textualization of ancient Israel / 1
BS445 .S5 Historic notes on the books of the Old and New Testaments / 1
BS445 .S6 The Bible in the making in the light of modern research, 1
BS445 .T7 Unravelling the Book of books: being the story of how the puzzles of the Bible were solved, and its documents unravelled, 1
BS445 .T7213 1998 The Jewish Bible and the Christian Bible : an introduction to the history of the Bible / 1
BS445 .W4 1963 6000 years of the Bible. 1
BS447 .P45 1996 The reformation of the Bible, the Bible of the Reformation / 1
BS447 .S54 2005 The Enlightenment Bible : translation, scholarship, culture / 1
BS447.5.U6 B52 2011 The Bible and American culture : a sourcebook / 1
BS447.5.U6 B53 1988 The Bible and Bibles in America / 1
BS449 .B8313 1994 Scripture and translation / 1
BS449 .G5 The translation debate : what makes a Bible translation good? / 1
BS449 .I8 1988 Issues in Bible translation / 1
BS450 .G7 1961 Translating the Bible. 1
BS450 .K3 Our Bible and the ancient manuscripts : being a history of the text and its translations / 1
BS450 .K3 1958 Our Bible and the ancient manuscripts. 1
BS450 .K7 1949 Trials of a translator, 1
BS 450 K7o On Englishing the Bible. 1
BS450 .P8 1952 English versions of the Bible. 1