Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS450 .S5 1936 The Bible in America; versions that have played their part in the making of the republic, 1
BS450 +S84 1982 Catholic German Bibles of the Reformation era : the versions of Emser, Dietenberger, Eck, and others / 1
BS454 .B5 2000 The Bible as book : the Reformation / 1
BS455 .B62 2001 Wide as the waters : the story of the English Bible and the revolution it inspired / 1
BS455 .B8 The history of the English Bible, 1
BS455 .B85 1961 The English Bible: a history of translations. 1
BS455 .B9 1941 The literary lineage of the King James Bible, 1340-1611, 1
BS455 .C2 The Bible and the Anglo-Saxon people, 1
BS455 .C7 The popular history of the translation of the Holy Scriptures into the English tongue. With specimens of the old English versions. 1
BS455 .D27 2003 The Bible in English : its history and influence / 1
BS455 .D28 The Lollard Bible and other medieval Biblical versions. 1
BS455 .E55 2018eb The English Bible in the early modern world / 1
BS455 .F76 2020 From the Vulgate to the vernacular : four debates on an English question c. 1400 / 1
BS455 .G55 2000eb A dictionary of the English Bible and its origins / 1
BS455 .H2 The evolution of the English Bible; an historical sketch of the successive versions from 1832 to 1885, 1
BS455 .K38 2004 God's last words : reading the English Bible from the Reformation to fundamentalism / 1
BS455 .K8 So many versions? : Twentieth century English versions of the Bible / 1
BS455 .L38 1991 The English Bible, from KJV to NIV : a history and evaluation / 1
BS455 .M14 A literary history of the Bible; from the Middle Ages to the present day. 1
BS455 .M46 Our English Bible in the making; the Word of Life in living language. 1