Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS455 .R64 1959 The new translations of the Bible. 1
BS455 .T4 1958 The Bible in English, 1525-1611. 1
BS455 .W5 A general view of the history of the English Bible. 1
BS460.H6 J1 The Bible in India : Hindoo origin of Hebrew and Christian revelation / 1
BS460.O6 E7 La Bible et l'orientalisme. 1
BS465 .B35 1983 Holy Scripture : canon, authority, criticism / 1
BS465 .B36 1998 Holy writings, sacred text : the canon in early Christianity / 1
BS465 .C19 The formation of the Christian Bible, 1
BS465 .E97 2008 Exploring the origins of the Bible : canon formation in historical, literary, and theological perspective / 1
BS465 .I5 1840 The inspiration and the canon of Scripture. 1
BS465 .M38 1988 The formation of the Christian biblical canon / 1
BS465 .S263 1987 From sacred story to sacred text : canon as paradigm / 1
BS470 .J1 Roman Catholic and Protestant Bibles compared; the Gould prize essays, 1
BS470 .M38 A discoverie of the manifold corruptions of the Holy Scriptures, 1
BS470 .O1 The Catholic and Protestant versions of the Bible : a lecture delivered in New York, Jan. 30, l859 / 1
BS471 .M59 1963 Chapters in the history of New Testament textual criticism. 1
BS471 .O58 On language, culture, and religion : in honor of Eugene A. Nida / 1
BS471 .T49 Textual notes on the new American Bible : [textual notes on Old Testament readings.] 1
BS472 .G7 1960 The Word of God in the world of today; contemporary problems in the light of Scripture. 1
BS472 .M4 The deathless book, 1