Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS475.2 .M3 1978 Basic tools of biblical exegesis : a student's manual / 1
BS475.2 .R88 A companion to the Bible. 1
BS 475.2 S6 A treasury of books for Bible study. 1
BS475.2 .S95 The Old Testament of the early church / 1
BS475.2 +T15 Discovering the Bible, book by book. 1
BS475.2 .W37 1959 Ground plan of the bible; 1
BS475.2 .W94 The Book of the acts of God; contemporary scholarship interprets the Bible, 1
BS475.3 .B53 2002 The biblical world / 1
BS475.3 .C26 2008 The Cambridge companion to the Bible / 1
BS475.3 .D93 2005 The Bible in Western culture : the student's guide / 1
BS475.5 .S8 1978 The sword of the Spirit : which is the word of God / 1
BS476 .B28 Interprétation du langage mythique et théologie biblique; étude de quelques étapes de l'évolution du problème de l'interprétation des représentations d'origine et de structure mythiques de la foi chrétienne. 1
BS476 .B49 1983 The Bible and liberation : political and social hermeneutics / 1
BS476 .B4955 1989 Biblical interpretation in crisis : the Ratzinger conference on Bible and church / 1
BS476 .B78 Biblical exegesis and Church doctrine / 1
BS476 .B8 1955 The Sensus plenior of Sacred Scripture. 1
BS476 .B85 The authority of the Old Testament. 1
BS476 .C59 Conflicting ways of interpreting the Bible / 1
BS476 .C79 God's Word to men 1
BS476 .C813 1987 Biblical hermeneutics : toward a theory of reading as the production of meaning / 1