Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS476 .B445 1993eb The footprints of God : divine accommodation in Jewish and Christian thought / 1
BS476 .B49 1983 The Bible and liberation : political and social hermeneutics / 1
BS476 .B4955 1989 Biblical interpretation in crisis : the Ratzinger conference on Bible and church / 1
BS476 .B597 2013eb The Bible and the believer : how to read the Bible critically and religiously / 1
BS476 .B75 2009eb The book of rules of Tyconius : its purpose and inner logic / 1
BS476 .B78 Biblical exegesis and Church doctrine / 1
BS476 .B79 2014eb Listening to the Bible : the art of faithful Biblical interpretation / 1
BS476 .B8 1955 The Sensus plenior of Sacred Scripture. 1
BS476 .B85 The authority of the Old Testament. 1
BS476 .C477 2007eb Torah through time : understanding Bible commentary from the rabbinic period to modern times / 1
BS476 .C59 Conflicting ways of interpreting the Bible / 1
BS476 .C74 1988eb Creative Biblical exegesis : Christian and Jewish hermeneutics through the centuries / 1
BS476 .C79 God's Word to men 1
BS476 .C813 1987 Biblical hermeneutics : toward a theory of reading as the production of meaning / 1
BS476 .D18 Études d'exégèse judéo-chrétienne (les Testimonia) ... 1
BS476 .D6 A key to the Bible: being an exposition of the history, axioms, and general laws of sacred interpretation. 1
BS476 .D68 2014 Reading the Bible ethically : recovering the voice in the text / 1
BS476 .E48 1979 Encounter with the text : form and history in the Hebrew Bible / 1
BS476 .F376 2017 With Precision. 1
BS476 .F745 2014 Sensing the scriptures : Aminadab's chariot and the predicament of biblical interpretation / 1