Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS476 .Y68 1997 Biblical exegesis and the formation of Christian culture / 1
BS477 .D1 1836 Libri symbolici ecclesiae Romano-Catholicae. 1
BS477 .S5 Lectures on the symbolic character of the sacred scriptures. 1
BS477 .V26 Myth, symbol and revelation. 1
BS478 .B48 Typology and early American literature. 1
BS478 .B89 American thought and religious typology. 1
BS478 .C5 1987 Events and their afterlife : the dialectics of Christian typology in the Bible and Dante / 1
BS478 .D1 1960 From shadows to reality; studies in Biblical typology of the Fathers. 1
BS478 .E78 Essays on typology 1
BS478 .G5 1961 The God of Israel, the God of Christians; the great themes of scripture 1
BS480 The process of authority : the dynamics in transmission and reception of canonical texts / 1
BS480 .A25 The inspiration of Scripture : problems and proposals / 1
BS480 .A734 2017eb The truth, inspiration, and authority of scripture / 1
BS480 .A96 2010eb Authoritative scriptures in ancient Judaism / 1
BS480 .B353 1984 Beyond fundamentalism / 1
BS480 .B356 1983 The shape of scriptural authority / 1
BS480 .B3645 2008eb The authority of scripture in reformed theology : truth and trust / 1
BS480 .B47 1965 Aspects of Biblical inspiration. 1
BS480 .B5 La Bibbia nella Chiesa dopo la "Dei Verbum" : studi sulla costituzione conciliare / 1
BS480 .B6 Undesigned coincidences in the writings both of the Old and New Testaments : an argument of their veracity : with an appendix, containing undesigned coincidences between the Gospels, and Acts, and Josephus / 1