Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS491.2 .P18 v.18 The second book of Chronicles. 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.19 The books of Ezra-Nehemiah, 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.20 The books of Ruth & Tobit. 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.21 The books of Esther & Judith. 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.22 The first book of Maccabees. With a commentary 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.23 The second book of Maccabees. 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.24 The oracle of the Lord; introduction to the prophets, 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.25 The book of Isaia / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.26 The books of Amos, Osee and Michea / by Marcian Strange. 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.27 The book of Jeremia / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.29 The books of Lamentations, Baruch, Sophonia, Nahum, and Habacuc : with a commentary / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.30 The book of Ezechiel : with a commentary / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.33 The books of Aggai, Zacharia, Malachia, Jona, Joel, Abdia / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.34 The book of Daniel : with a commentary / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.35 The book of Job, 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.37 The book of Proverbs, : with a commentary / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.38 The book of Ecclesiastes and the Canticle of Canticles, 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.39 The book of Wisdom ; 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.40 The book of Sirach, : parts 1-2, / 1
BS491.2 .P18 v.42 The melody of Israel, / 1