Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS500 Reading the Church Fathers.
The Bible and the Crisis of Modernism Catholic Criticism in the Twentieth Century.
Bible studies and the shifting of paradigms, 1850-1914 /
Imago Exegetica : Visual Images As Exegetical Instruments, 1400-1700.
BS500 .A45 1963 Understanding Biblical research. 1
BS500 .B33 1991 Mormons and the Bible : the place of the Latter-Day Saints in American religion / 1
BS500 .B33 2013eb Mormons and the Bible : the place of the Latter-day Saints in American religion / 1
BS500 .B544 1985 The Bible in the churches : how different Christians interpret the Scriptures / 1
BS500 B544 1994eb Bible in the Churches : How Various Christians Interpret the Scriptures. 1
BS500 .B545 1985 The Bible in the medieval world : essays in memory of Beryl Smalley / 1
BS500 .B547 The Biblical heritage in modern Catholic scholarship / 1
BS500 .B5484 1995 The Bible, the Reformation and the Church / 1
BS500 .B55 1984 Biblical interpretation in the early church / 1
BS500 .B56 1996 Biblical interpretation in the era of the Reformation : essays presented to David C. Steinmetz in honor of his sixtieth birthday / 1
BS500 .B64 2014 Symposia : dialogues concerning the history of biblical interpretation / 1
BS500 .B75 2002eb Jonathan Edwards and the Bible / 1
BS500 .B87 The rise of Biblical criticism in America, 1800-1870; the New England scholars. 1
BS500 .C53 2006 Christian theologies of Scripture : a comparative introduction / 1
BS500 .D25 Biblical criticism, 1
BS500 .D36 1992 Allegorical readers and cultural revision in ancient Alexandria / 1
BS500 .D63 1992 Biblical interpretation then and now : contemporary hermeneutics in the light of the early church / 1
BS500 .E35 2012 Editing the Bible : assessing the task past and present / 1
BS500 .F2 History of interpretation : eight lectures preached before the University of Oxford in the year 1885 on the foundation of the late Rev. John Bampton / 1