Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS580.I7 R36 The temptation. 1
BS580.I74 D7 Isaiah, his life and times and the writings which bear his name, 1
BS580.I74 V2 1951 Isaias: man of ideas, 1
BS580.J3 Interpretations of the Name Israel in Ancient Judaism and Some Early Christian Writings : From Victorious Athlete to Heavenly Champion. 1
BS580.J3 K84 2006 The ladder of Jacob : ancient interpretations of the biblical story of Jacob and his children / 1
BS580.J35 .A336 2019 La Preghiera di Giosafat ""O Dio non li fermerai"" 1
BS580.J4 B64 Jeremiah: man and prophet. 1
BS580.J5 C5 Jeremiah; his life and times. 1
BS580.J5 H2 1956 God's iron, a life of the prophet Jeremiah, 1
BS580.J54 C5 Jephthah, 1
BS580.J543 H39 2007 Jezebel : the untold story of the Bible's harlot queen / 1
BS580.J55 E4413 The judgment of Jonah. 1
BS580.J57 T54 2023 In search of Jonathan : Jonathan between the Bible and modern fiction / 1
BS580.J6 B35 2008eb Loving Yusuf : conceptual travels from present to past / 1
BS580.J6 G55 1995eb The wiles of women/the wiles of men : Joseph and Potiphar's wife in ancient Near Eastern, Jewish, and Islamic folklore / 1
BS580.J6 L485 2016eb Joseph : portraits through the ages / 1
BS580.J6 L7 Job the man speaks with God, 1
BS580.J6 .O946 2016eb Jos, ̌ un soądor incomprendido / 1
BS580.J7F37 2015 Images of Joshua in the Bible and Their Reception. 1
BS580.J75 M66 2011eb Josiah's reform and the dynamics of defilement : Israelite rites of violence and the making of a biblical text / 1