Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS580.S55 M8513 2003eb Simon the High Priest in Sirach 50 : an exegetical study of the significance of Simon the High Priest as climax to the Praise of the fathers in Ben Sira's concept of the history of Israel / 1
BS580.S6 D45 2020eb The Solomonic corpus of 'wisdom' and its influence / 1
BS580.S6 F2 Solomon, his life and times / 1
BS580.S6 .F46 2012 The Figure of Solomon in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Tradition : King, Sage and Architect. 1
BS580.S6 I22 2016 The wandering throne of Solomon : objects and tales of kingship in the Medieval Mediterranean / 1
BS580.S6 W44 2011eb Solomon : the lure of wisdom / 1
BS580.W58 C33 1989 Wisdom's feast : Sophia in study and celebration / 1
BS580.W58 M333 2007 Revealed wisdom and inaugurated eschatology in ancient Judaism and early Christianity / 1
BS585 .N67 1993 A history of the Bible as literature / 1
BS585 .N67 2000eb A history of the English Bible as literature / 1
BS586.A35 B55 2010 Biblical Studies, Theology, Religion and Philosophy : an Introduction for African Universities. 1
BS586.U6 B53 1982 The Bible in American education : from sourcebook to textbook / 1
BS587 .B4 1963 Roman Catholicism and the Bible. 1
BS587 .B9 1960 The church and the Bible. 1
BS587 .C3 Proceedings of the Catholic Biblical Association of America. 1
BS587 .C36 Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII : on promotion of Biblical studies / 1
BS587 .C363 1898 Encyclical letter of his Holiness Leo XIII by Divine Providence Pope : to our venerable brethren, all the patriarchs, primates, archbishops, and bishops of the Catholic world, in grace and communion with the apostolic see, on the study of Holy Scripture. 1
BS587 .C363 1953 Rome and the study of Scripture; a collection of papal enactments of the study of Holy Scripture together with the decisions of the Biblical commision. 1
BS587 .M28 The Bible: dogma, myth, or mystery? 1
BS587 .N48 A Biblical introduction to the New Testament. 1