Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS600 .S6 1964 The study of the Bible in the Middle Ages. 1
BS600 .T8 A handbook of scientific and literary Bible difficulties; or, Facts and suggestions helpful toward the solution of perplexing things in sacred Scripture : being a second series of the "Handbook of Biblical difficulties." 1
BS600.2 .B5 Key words of the gospel : Bible studies delivered at the Mexico meeting of the World Council of Churches Commission on World Mission and Evangelism 1963 / 1
BS600.2 .B769 2015eb What they don't tell you : a survivor's guide to biblical studies / 1
BS600.2 .C75 The message and meaning of the Bible 1
BS600.2 .M697 2017 The Ways of the Alongsider 1
BS600.2 .R14 Biblical truth and modern man 1
BS600.2 .R5 God speaks to us: an introduction to the Bible 1
BS600.2 .T44 1998 Teaching the Bible : the discourses and politics of biblical pedagogy / 1
BS600.2 .T498 2016eb Textos fuera de contexto. 1
BS600.2 .W5715 1976 Bibelauslegung als Interaktion : Über die Grenzen historisch-kritischer Methode / 1
BS600.2 .W573 1989 Transforming Bible study / 1
BS600.3 A Handbook of Biblical Reception in Jewish, European Christian, and Islamic Folklores : a Handbook of Biblical Reception in Jewish, European Christian, and Islamic Folklores.
A little book for new Bible scholars : why and how to study the Bible /
BS600.3 .B35 2007eb Bakhtin and genre theory in biblical studies / 1
BS600.3 .F67 2010eb Foster Biblical Scholarship : Essays in Honor of Kent Harold Richards / 1
BS600.3 .N48 2004 New paradigms for Bible study : the Bible in the third millennium / 1
BS601 Teaching the Bible with Undergraduates / 1
BS605 .F6 1828 A brief summary of the sacred history, and Christian doctrine / 1
BS605 .W8 1915 The Bible as literature: an introduction, 1
BS605.2 .B76 1987 To hear the Word : invitation to serious study of the Bible / 1