Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS612 .S85 A book about the Bible, 1
BS617 .A31 How to read the Bible aloud, 1
BS617 .C3 Your Bible. 1
BS617 .G2 1963 A guide to reading the entire Bible in one year. 1
BS617 .H3 1959 Pattern of Scripture, 1
BS617 .L24 1994 Reading the Bible : intention, text, interpretation / 1
BS617 .L96 A guide to reading the Bible : the plan of God. 1
BS617 .R877 2016eb (Re)Aligning with God : Reading Scripture for Church and World. 1
BS617.8.N37 2012 Bible Readers and Lay Writers in Early Modern England : Gender and Self-Definition in an Emergent Writing Culture. 1
BS620.A1 A93 The Australian journal of Biblical archaeology. 1
BS620.A1 B52 The Biblical archaeology review. 1
BS620.A1 +B58 Bible et Terre sainte. 1
BS620.A1 +M74 Le Monde de la Bible. 1
BS620 .A3 1955 Recent discoveries in Bible lands. 1
BS620 .B58 Near Eastern archaeology.
Biblical archaeologist.
BS620 .B6 Biblical antiquities: a hand-book. 1
BS620 .B9 1956 What mean these stones? The significance of archeology for Biblical studies / 1
BS620 .B93 1960 Biblical archaeology; 1
BS620 .C53 2013eb Cities of God : the Bible and archaeology in nineteenth-century Britain / 1
BS620 .C6 1956 Dictionnaire d'archéologie biblique. 1