Call Number (LC) Title Results
BS635.2 .K4 1962 Reader's digest story of the Bible world, in map, word and picture. 1
BS635.2 .L48 1985 Sinai and Zion : an entry into the Jewish Bible / 1
BS635.2.O9 The Oxford History of the Biblical World. 1
BS635.2 .O94 1998 The Oxford history of the biblical world / 1
BS635.2 +P67 1995 The illustrated guide to the Bible / 1
BS635.2 .S7 1979 Eikaaos : a history / 1
BS635.2 T47 The ancient Near Eastern treaties and the Old Testament / 1
BS635.2 .W574 Peoples of Old Testament times. 1
BS635.3 .C35 2002 Secret origins of the Bible / 1
BS635.3 .G37 2003eb Myth and history in the Bible / 1
BS635.3 .K727 2015eb Historical and biblical Israel : the history, tradition, and archives of Israel and Judah / 1
BS635.3 .S36 2005 If the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea where are pharaoh's chariots? : exploring the historical dimension of the Bible / 1
BS635.3 .W75 2012 Rose Then and Now Bible Map Atlas With Biblical Background and Culture. 1
BS636 .S8 1941 A companion to Scripture studies ... 1
BS636 .S8 1962 A companion to Scripture studies. 1
BS636 .U7 Teachers' handbook to Bible history : a practical commentary upon the principal events of the Old and New Testament, with directions for their application in the religious and moral training of children / 1
BS637.A2 H2 Joannis Harduini ... Chronologia veteris testamenti : ad vulgatam versionem exacta, et nummis antiquis illustrata : chronologiae ex nummis antiquis restitutae specimen alterum. 1
BS637.A2 L24 1735 Apparatus chronologicus, et geographicus : ad commentarium in harmoniam, sive, Concordiam quatuor Evangelistarum ... 1
BS637.A2 +S1 Annalium ecclesiasticorum Veteris Testamenti epitome, / in qua, sicut et in ipsis annalibus, res sacræ prophanæque ... digeruntur, & explicantur. 1
BS637.A2 Z9 1594 Chronographiae sacrae utriusque testamenti historias continentis libri V. Adiectae sunt ad maiorem libri gratiam praecipuarum historiarum ... sculptae imagines. / 1