Call Number (LC) Title Results
BT1313 .E2 Mallevs hæreticorvm : De variis falsorvm dogmatvm notis, atqve censuris, libri dvo. In quibus vniuersa penè h̨ereses & cognoscendi & fugiendi ratio continetur. Sive methodvs contra sectas, ad argvendos et convincendos hæreticos, hoc tempore omninò necessaria. Ex paucorum quidem, sed probatissimorum Patrum præscriptionibus in vnum velut corpvs congesta / 1
BT1313 .H82 A most excellent treatise of the begynning of heresyes, 1565 1
BT1313 .M3 1578 A treatise of schisme : shewing, that al Catholikes ought in any wise to abstaine altogether from heretical conunenticles, to witt, their players, sermons, & c.: deuided into foure chapters, whereof 1. Conteineth sundry reasons to that purpose, grounded for the most part vpon Scriptures and Fathers. 2. Examples out of Holy Scriptures. 3. Examples out of ecclesiastical histories. 4. Answeres to the chiefe objections / 1
BT1313 .P7 Mémoires pour servir a l'histoire des égaremens de l'esprit humain par rapport à la religion chrétienne: ou, Dictionnaire des hérésies, des erreurs et des schismes ... 1
BT1315 .B34 1971 Orthodoxy and heresy in earliest Christianity. 1
BT1315 .C4 1935 Concerning heretics; whether they are to be persecuted and how they are to be treated; a collection of the opinions of learned men, both ancient and modern; an anonymous work 1
BT1315 .C8 A handbook of heresies / 1
BT1315 .C8 1947 A handbook of heresies. 1
BT1315 .C9 1959 Heresies and heretics. 1
BT1315 .M1 An historical view of heresies and vindication of the primitive faith. 1
BT1315 .N513 1962 The heretics. 1
BT1315 .P9 The early years of Christianity. 1
BT1315 .V8 What is heresy? a comparative analysis of the teaching of Protestant and Catholic Bibles on heretics. 1
BT1315.2 Heresies of the high middle ages / 1
BT1315.2 .A45 1989 American apostasy : the triumph of "other" gospels / 1
BT1315.2 .B76 1984 Heresies : the image of Christ in the mirror of heresy and orthodoxy from the apostles to the present / 1
BT1315.2 .C48 1989 A history of heresy / 1
BT1315.2 .G46 1995 The encyclopedia of heresies and heretics / 1
BT1315.2 .H54 Hérésies et sociétés dans l'Europe pré-industrielle, 11e-18e siècles. 1
BT1315.2 .K7 Modern heresies. 1