Call Number (LC) Title Results
BT94 .H73 2003 Jesus and empire : the kingdom of God and the new world disorder / 1
BT94 .K54 1987 The Kingdom of God in 20th-century interpretation / 1
BT94 .L15 1964 Jesus and the kingdom; the eschatology of Biblical realism. 1
BT94 .P19 Theology and the kingdom of God. 1
BT94 .P387 Jesus and the language of the Kingdom : symbol and metaphor in New Testament interpretation / 1
BT94 .P5213 God's kingdom : a guide for biblical study / 1
BT94 .R6 Regnum Dei; eight lectures on the kingdom of God in the history of Christian thought, 1
BT94 .S35 1963 God's rule and kingdom; 1
BT94 .S41 The kingdom of God and primitive Christianity. 1
BT94 .S8 World intangible, 1
BT94 .T39 1989 Kingdom come / 1
BT94 .V58 1988 The kingdom of God in history / 1
BT94 .W43 Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of God. 1
BT94 .W45 1848 The kingdom of Christ, and the errors of Romanism / 1
BT94 .W754 2012 How God became king : the forgotten story of the Gospels / 1
BT95 .L47 1977 Rawleigh his ghost, 1631 / 1
BT95 .M6513 1988 On divine foreknowledge : part IV of the Concordia / 1
BT95 .W9 1793 A familiar dialogue between Cephas & Bereas, in two parts ... : to which are annexed brief remarks on some pamphlets written by Dr. Moore and Dr. Linn, in a letter from Cephas to Bereas / 1
BT96 .M1 The method of the divine government : physical and moral / 1
BT96 .M35713 1993eb St. Petersburg dialogues, or, Conversations on the temporal government of Providence / 1