Call Number (LC) Title Results
BV3280.T3 K46 2004eb Converting women : gender and Protestant Christianity in colonial South India / 1
BV3290.B6 B2 1834 Memoir of Rev. Gordon Hall, A.M. : one of the first missionaries of the Amer. Board of Comm. for For. Missions, at Bombay / 1
BV3290.S48 P87 British Baptist missionaries in India, 1793-1837: the history of Serampore and its missions, 1
BV3298 .A52 2013 Conflict and conversion : Catholicism in Southeast Asia, 1500-1700 / 1
BV3298 .S54 2004 Arga do bona ni pinasa : hikayat pelayanan keperintisan Reverend Lamsana Lumbantobing pada Rheinische Missions-Gesellshaft (RMG) dan Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC) di tanah Batak, Singapura, Jawa Barat, Asahan dan Binjai-Medan, 1889-1930-an / 1
BV3306.2.P66 A5 2015 L'impertinent du Cambodge : entretiens avec François Ponchaud, homme de foi / 1
BV3311.2.R48 P48 1998 Mission and catechesis : Alexandre de Rhodes and inculturation in seventeenth-century Vietnam / 1
BV3312.T653 V46713 1988 Théophane Vénard : a martyr of Vietnam / 1
BV3317.A76 A3 2002 Singing to the dead : a missioner's life among refugees from Burma / 1
BV3317.A76 A3 2002eb Singing to the dead : a missioner's life among refugees from Burma / 1
BV3325.A6 G2 The price of dawning day, 1
BV3325.A7 D73 God in Vietnam: a Christian mission on the plateaux of Vietnam; 1
BV 3325 A7 D73g God loves the pagans; a Christian mission on the plateaux of Vietnam. 1
BV3325.A7 D739 Vietnam; mission on the grand plateaus 1
BV3340 .H48 2002 Be my witness to the ends of the earth! : the Catholic Church in Indonesia before the 19th century / 1
BV3340 .I89 2003 Kodrat yang bergerak : gambar, peran, dan kedudukan perempuan dalam gereja Katolik / 1
BV3340 .K38 2007 Christian moderns : freedom and fetish in the mission encounter / 1
BV3340.K38 2007 BV3340 BV3340 .K38 2007eb Christian Moderns : Freedom and Fetish in the Mission Encounter. 1
BV3342.L43 K87 2001 Sang jago Tuhan / 1
BV3345 .F3 Felix Westerwoudt, missioner in Borneo, 1