Call Number (LC) Title Results
BV4635 .B76 1881 Fede ed amore : Discorsi varj / 1
BV4635 .D36 1770 Petri Ludovici Danis, in Sacra Facultate Theologica Lovaniensi Caesarei Regiique professoris [et] regentis, Tractatuts de fide, spe et charitate cum adjunctis de Scriptura, tradition, ecclesia, pontifice & conciliis. 1
BV4635 .G33 Faith, hope, love / 1
BV4635 .H5 Gvilielmi Hesi Antverpiensis è Societate Iesv Emblemata sacra de fide, spe, charitate. 1
BV4635 .N48 1976 The theological papers of John Henry Newman on faith and certainty / 1
BV4635 .S7 Rdi Patris Friderici Spee Societatis Jesu Güldenes TugentBuch, das ist, Werck und Ubung der dreyen göttlichen Tugenden, Glaubens, Hoffnung, und Liebe ... 1
BV4635 .S7 8 Goldenes Tugendbuch, das ist, Werke und Uebungen der drei göttlichen Tugenden des Glaubens, der Hoffnung, der Liebe. / 1
BV4637 Faith / 1
BV4637 .B38 1992 A far glory : the quest for faith in an age of credulity / 1
BV4637 .B8 Is faith obsolete? 1
BV4637 .B88 1975 Passion, "knowing how," and understanding : an essay on the concept of faith / 1
BV4637 .C759 2017 The unmoored God : believing in a time of dislocation / 1
BV4637 .D67 2016 Doubting Christianity : the church and doubt / 1
BV4637 .E54 2011eb Emerging geographies of belief / 1
BV4637 .F658 1996 Faithful change : the personal and public challenges of postmodern life / 1
BV4637 .F66 Life maps : conversations on the journey of faith / 1
BV4637 .F664 1981 Stages of faith : the psychology of human development and the quest for meaning / 1
BV4637 .G348 2010 Faith maps : ten religious explorers from Newman to Joseph Ratzinger / 1
BV4637 .G68 1982 Trusting, theory and practice / 1
BV4637.H45 2010 Living Catholic Faith in a Contentious Age. 1