Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX1406.3 .Y36 2014eb Becoming Catholic : finding Rome in the American religious landscape / 1
BX1407.A5 K6 1951 Americanism: a phantom heresy. 1
BX1407.A5 L3 Catholicity and the American mind / 1
BX1407.A5 M1 1957 The great crisis in American Catholic history, 1895-1900. 1
BX1407.A5 M1a The Americanist heresy in Roman Catholicism, 1895-1900. 1
BX1407.A5 P67 2013eb Divided friends : portraits of the Roman Catholic modernist crisis in the United States / 1
BX1407.A6 L2 1943 The fifty years of the apostolic delegation, Washington, D. C., 1893-1943, 1
BX1407.A9 B6 1944 Austrian aid to American Catholics, 1830-1860. 1
BX1407.B57 B73 1990 Ordinations of U.S. Catholic bishops, 1790-1989 : a chronological list / 1
BX1407.B57 B85 1991 Catholic bishops in American politics / 1
BX1407.B57 C38 2019 Catholic Bishops in the United States : church leadership in the third millennium / 1
BX1407.B57 P47 1989 The Papacy and the Church in the United States / 1
BX1407.B57 R44 1992 A flock of shepherds : the National Conference of Catholic Bishops / 1
BX1407.B63 B56 1997eb Black and Catholic : the Challenge and Gift of Black Folk : Contributions of African American Experience and World View to Catholic Theology. 1
BX1407.B63 M337 2008 Let It Shine! : the Emergence of African American Catholic Worship. 1
BX1407.B63 O26 2021 Undoing the knots : five generations of American Catholic anti-Blackness / 1
BX1407.C6 B76 Priests in council : a history of the National Federation of Priests' Councils / 1
BX1407.C6 F44 America's forgotten priests; what they are saying 1
BX1407.C6 P32 Message of His Holiness Pope Paul VI to the cardinals, archbishops and bishops of the United States : on the occasion of the United States Bicentennial / 1
BX1407.C6 Q56 Distribution of Catholic priests in the United States, 1971 / 1