Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX1407 ++M5 Metropolitan record. 1
BX1407.M68 J64 2007eb Miracles & sacrilege : Roberto Rossellini, the church and film censorship in Hollywood / 1
BX1407.M68 S55 1993 The cross and the cinema : the Legion of Decency and the National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures, 1933-1970 / 1
BX1407.M84 M84 1995 The multicultural church : a new landscape in U.S. theologies / 1
BX1407.N2 S1 1936 Nativism in Pennsylvania with particular regard to its effect on politics and education, 1840-1860. ... 1
BX1407.N4 C646 The colored harvest. 1
BX1407.N4 D38 1990 The history of Black Catholics in the United States / 1
BX1407.N4 D385 2007 To be both Black and Catholic / 1
BX1407.N4 F34 The religious roots of Black Catholics of Saint Louis / 1
BX1407.N4 +F85 Freeing the spirit. 1
BX1407.N4 G4 The Catholic church and the American negro; being an investigation of the past and present activities of the Catholic church in behalf of the 12,000,000 negroes in the United States, with an examination of the difficulties which affect the work of the colored missions. 1
BX1407.N4 G4c 1941 Colored Catholics in the United States : an investigation of Catholic activity in behalf of the Negroes in the United States and a survey of the present condition of the colored missions / 1
BX1407.N4 G4n 1948 The negro American : a mission investigation / 1
BX1407.N4 H398 1998 Taking down our harps : Black Catholics in the United States / 1
BX1407.N4 J63 1978 A special pilgrimage : a history of Black Catholics in Richmond / 1
BX1407.N4 M33 1999 The emergence of a black Catholic community : St. Augustine's in Washington / 1
BX1407.N4 M36 1990 Many rains ago : a historical and theological reflection on the role of the episcopate in the evangelization of African American Catholics / 1
BX1407.N4 N5 1979a The federated colored Catholics : a study of three variant perspectives on racial justice as represented by John LaFarge, William Markoe, and Thomas Turner / 1
BX1407.N4 O24 1990 Desegregating the altar : the Josephites and the struggle for Black priests, 1871-1960 / 1
BX1407.N4 R4 1949 Jesuits for the Negro. 1